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Featured ImmpreneurBrought to you by Wyndham Hotels

Iranian Immigrant Thrives as a Franchisee
Ali Safir didn't know what a Subway was when he came to the U.S. Eventually, he owned 17 franchises, and today, he helps immigrants like himself, become Subway franchisees.
"As an immigrant, I’ve felt I wanted to bring honor to this country that has allowed me to become one of its own.”
- Ali Saifi
Business Strategies Brought to you by Time Warner Business Class

Alternative Financing Smarts

Alter­na­tive financ­ing by asset-based lenders and fac­tors may be the answer for those who don’t have the credit score to qual­ify for bank loans.


CEO Insights

Advice from Rohit Arora, CEO of Biz2Credit

Indian immigrant, Rohit Arora, arrived in the US with nothing - and built a $14 million company. Read his advice on how to succeed in America.


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Franchising Information

What's the Best Franchise for You?

With more than 85 categories of franchise businesses, there's something that fits everyone. Finding the right fit is the first step to success. Read this guide to find out how to do it.


United States Patent and Trademark Office

Protect Your American Dream - Trademark!

Protect yourself, your business, and your livelihood. Here's what you need to know to trademark your most valuable business assets.


Ricardo Rezk immigrant entrepreneur Rico M Panada empanada
Sales Strategies

Selling the First Empanada

Old fashioned cold calling was the key to launching Argentinian immigrant, Ricardo Rezk's empanada business. Learn his 4 steps to closing a sale here.....